The City of Dallas is pleased to announce the availability of a new website –, providing up-to-date access to the zoning for the entire City.  The new website provides access to all aspects of zoning for every part of the City.  The new website will typically be updated within two weeks of zoning ordinances being passed by City Council.  The new website also provides better access to those that don’t use the Internet Explorer web browser.  It is fully functional with all major browsers except for Opera.  The new website also provides a much larger, more legible map, improving the experience for users.


Please contact the GIS division of the Sustainable Development & Construction Department at (214) 670-3985 with questions regarding the new website.

Curious about the current deed restrictions for your street?
The homes in Melshire Estates were built in several installments:
Summary and map

1. Melshire & Williamstown between Nuestra & Preston
2. Willow between Nuestra and Preston
3. Lindenshire, Ridgetown, & north side of Brookstown b/t Nuestra & Preston
4. Forest, rest of Brookstown, Quincy from Forest to Willow, Willow and Lindenshire b/t Quincy & Nuestra
5. Meletio between Nuestra & Preston (including amendment to Charlestown & part of Quincy)
5.2 Quincy from Willow to Charlestown, Melshire, Williamstown, Meletio b/t Quincy and Nuestra)
Charlestown (Preston Dell)
Dallas Deed Restriction InformatIon
Dallas Overlay Ordinance


Builders are supposed to put up a sign stating that plans have been filed with the city. You can go to Central Files (320 E. Jefferson, room LL29 in the basement, 214-948-4318) to review them. Copies cost between $0.50 to $3 per page.

We recommend you contact Danny Sipes with the Residential Plan Review Board at 214-948-4483 to verify that the plans have been filed. Please have the address of the property when contacting Danny.

If you have questions/concerns about a building plan, contact the Building Inspector Call Center at 214.948.4480.


Dallas City Council Agenda by District
Dallas Central Appraisal District
M.E. HOA Zone Interactive Map
M.E. zoning regulations
Neighborhood Stability Overlay (NSO) ordinance
Texas Statues Property Code
Zoning Rules -R-13(A)