Yard of the Month Coming to Melshire

We are looking for people to serve on the Yard of the Month Committee
to help select the Yard of the Month.

If you are interested, please contact the Yard of the Month Committee
at yardofmonth@melshireestates.com.
A committee of Melshire Estate homeowners has been looking into the idea of bringing a yard of the Month program to our neighborhood.  In July, the Board of the MEHOA voted unanimously to move forward with this program.

The criteria for the Yard of the Month selection will be yard maintenance, including healthy, neatly mowed and edged lawn; as well as maintaining a yard free of debris and clutter.  Additional criteria include design & maintenance, including use of color and/or texture, creative, unique curb appeal and overall appearance that is an inspiration to others in the neighborhood.

The Yard of the Month Committee will consist of a minimum of five Melshire residents nominated from the neighborhood.  Committee nominations are generally accepted in December, prior to start of the judging year.  Members are separated equally into 5 judging groups and those groups will rotate monthly through each of the designated Melshire “regions.”

Yard of the Month nominations should be received by the 15th of the month to be considered for the next month’s award.  All Committee members will nominate five yards in their region each month, submitted via photograph.  Any Melshire resident may nominate a yard for consideration.  Resident nominations may be submitted as a photograph, although written nominations will also be accepted.

Each yard is limited to winning Yard of the Month once a calendar year.  Members of the committee will judge and select the winning yard by the end of each month prior to the award being given.  Current board members and voting members of the Committee are not eligible.

A Yard of the Month sign will be placed in the winner’s yard for the duration of the selected month.  If selected, a homeowner may elect to refrain from participation.  The Yard of the Month Committee and the MEHOA board is exploring the possibility of giving an award, along with recognition.

Stay tuned for more details about Melshire’s upcoming Yard of the Month program!