Thank you Melshire

This was sent to Linda Vallala, our home owner association president, after our July 4th event.  We are so proud to have new members of our community that see the value in our association.  We will only get better when more people choose to get involved in their community. Thanks so much for sharing.

Alex Kleuser wrote:

“What an awesome 4th of July in Melshire!

Heather and I were so impressed with how wonderfully the event was organized and thought out. Oh and what a great turn out. I went to the Melshire HOA website and imagined making a short video for the other Melshire residents that explains the benefits of joining the HOA. It could have footage of events like today, interviews of HOA representatives and residents, and even the patrol.

The video would live on the website and the purpose would be to raise awareness, strengthen the community and outline the benefits of joining the Melshire HOA.

It’s wonderful to be a apart of the neighborhood! We’re so blessed that our baby Elle will grow up here.”

Thanks for the suggestion.  We love the idea of a video and we’ll be working one soon.

Linda Vallala,
President, Melshire Home Owners Association

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