Crime Alert: Cox Park

“This past weekend a man described as “average height and build” approached a 6-year-old girl at Cox Lane Park. Another adult interrupted the incident.

A formal police report was filed (dated 8/14/2017) and the crime listed was “enticing a child”. Though the description is very broad, we have a great opportunity to get a predator off the street. There are eyewitnesses whose identification can lead to an arrest and conviction.

If you see a lone male hanging out at one of our neighborhood parks:

1) Do not approach. Assume they could be dangerous.
2) Immediately call 911 and report a “suspicious individual possibly matching the description of the Cox Lane Park predator filed in a report on 8/14″.
3) If children are present, clarify this to 911 to insure a high priority response.
4) If you have access to an Extended Neighborhood Patrol, notify them in addition to the 911 call.
5) Optionally you might want to update this post. Obviously being male and being in a park is not a crime.

Use your best judgement as whether to call and let the DPD sort this out as they are trained to do so. If we are diligent as a community, we can get this guy. (I am away on business and do not have any other details. I’ve gathered these facts and simply wanted to get this out in an actionable format.)”

Posted by Derick Schaefer, Forestcrest Estates

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